Impacting the lives of children diagnosed with rare diseases by funding research and offering scholarships for alternative therapy.


There are approximately 7,000 known rare diseases in the United States, with an estimated 25-30 million total Americans living with rare genetic diseases. While specific conditions can be isolated, the total number of people with an orphan disease is overwhelming.

With a variety of causes, rare diseases can stem from a genetic origin and can be a direct cause of changes in genes or chromosomes. Some believe these diseases can be passed from one generation to the next. In other cases, they occur randomly in a person who is the first in a family to be diagnosed. With so many rare diseases and few affected with each, there is no government funding. The cost of just one disease can run in the millions of dollars.

How are we going to raise that kind of money?


Gene Replacement Therapy is the answer and the cure for many children and adults living with an orphan disease in the United States. They are so close to having therapy for every rare disease. What slows up the process is money and politics. The pharmaceutical companies must charge enormous amounts to the patient because it is a one and done cure.

Are You In Need of Assistance?


Lucas John Foundation offers scholarships for families and parents experiencing NICU. Alternative therapies for special needs are not typically covered by insurance, Lucas John Foundation offers financial assistance to pay for these alternative therapies so every child with extra care needs has the opportunity to thrive. Similar to alternative treatments and therapies, DNA testing is often not covered by insurance as well. This is crucial in diagnosing most rare diseases; Lucas John Foundation has DNA testing scholarships to relieve families of the very high cost of getting their child diagnosed.


Our goal is to make as many resources available to families impacted by special needs and rare diseases. As a family know how expensive therapies can be. We understand the financial burden of prolonged hospital stays and caregiving expenses.

We want to make this an easy process. Fill out the form and we will present your request and needs before the board of directors for approval. They may approve all, part or none of the application. Be very specific about your exact needs, the cost, and as much detail as you can about your story. We do not offer cash awards. In order to protect the integrity of our organization we will make the scholarship payment directly to the entity providing the therapy, treatment, or testing. We also may provide gift certificates to families currently in the NICU or extending hospital stay.

Hi, I'm Lucas!

I was born with a rare genetic condition with no medical cure, Nonketotic hyperglycinemia, or NKH. This condition is SO rare that it's considered an "orphan disease,” this means it affects so few people in the world (500 for NKH), that there is little to no funding for research to cure it! You can learn more about my story here. NKH causes many challenges with development, seizures, autism, cerebral palsy, and CVI blindness. 

Research funds are left solely to the parents, and families of those affected, and cures do not run cheap! In fact, gene replacement therapy is the only real medical cure being researched for NKH, and the projected cost is three million dollars!

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